Fabulous Fantasy Romance

Like most genres, sub-genres and literary categories, fantasy romance can be a little hard to define. With a foot in both the romance and fantasy genres, the exact balance of elements can get a little wobbly. Is a book with magic and dragons set in New York fantasy or paranormal? Is steampunk in the same genre or its own thing entirely? How much political intrigue can a fantasy book have before it crosses the line and isn't a romance anymore? What about a historical romance novel with fairies and witches? Is that fantasy romance? A fantasy romance is generally considered a story with a primarily romantic plot in a fantastical setting. How much magic is needed for a fantastical setting is mostly a matter of taste, as is how important the romance plot line is in many stories. I tend to prefer alternate worlds, rather than variations of our own, though dragon paranormal romances will often scratch my fantasy romance itch. I also like the love story to be front and center, and have developed a strong preference for Happily Ever After endings.